Anvilor Highlights - Versions 1.11 & 1.12

Performance Improvements
July 10, 2024

📋 Overview

Welcome to our monthly (well, bi-bi-weekly) updates! In these posts we will provide an overview of recent developments and key enhancements to the Anvilor platform to keep Anvilor customers informed on the latest and greatest features available. We will also occasionally share some customer success stories to showcase some real “cause-growing” solutions that Anvilor supports and some neat use cases for our technology.

For some context - Anvilor product development operates on two-week cycles where we publish updates at the end of each cycle as a new version (such as “Anvilor 1.11”). We will make these posts every even version number to recap the enhancements from the previous two cycles (hence the “bi-bi-weekly” - not a typo!).

For 1.11 & 1.12 Anvilor platform development focused largely on enhancements with logic capabilities, more support for files & attachments, and enhancing the form-building tool. Read more below!

🚀 Key Updates

Donation Page Enhancements

  • Donation Pages were updated to support user-defined “quick-set” buttons to customize the default values that donors would be presented when making a donation.
  • We also added support for some pre-defined “themes” to support quickly styling a Donation Page

“Basic” Form-Building Mode

  • We are releasing a beta version of “Basic” form-building mode that allows form builders to quickly assemble simplistic forms where they only need to specify question type (text field, multi-select, etc.), and a label!
  • With Basic Form-Building mode, builders still have the option to hook in to all the power of Forms configuration and specify custom controls, hide/disable logic, and more!

Enhanced File Support

  • We enhanced our files & attachment support to make it easier to send files to other systems.
  • We also made an enhancement to better support conditional logic with file fields and for working with lists of multiple files/attachments.

Form Performance Improvements

  • A few key performance improvements were made on Forms to make for even faster load times and faster logic evaluation.
  • This offers a nice speed improvement, particularly for large forms with lots of conditionally visible fields that are often hidden!

🔎 Looking Ahead

With Anvilor 1.13 & Anvilor 1.14 we will be planning to enhance our integrations with Stripe and provide more utilities for managing payments and donations. We also will continue to enhance our form building experience and our ability to work with custom plugin logic! Follow along to see what we have coming out next!

-Tim Kutcher (Founder)

Welcome to Anvilor

June Blog
Tim Kutcher
June 18, 2024

I love solving problems, and my favorite challenge is helping people solve their own. My inspiration to attack this “meta problem,” if you will, is the catalyst for the founding of the company which I am excited to introduce to you today: Anvilor.

Throughout the last five or so years working as a software engineer, I’ve gotten the opportunity to solve a lot of “real world” problems - primarily for non-profits and other “community-focused” organizations. I’ve witnessed the incredible impact these organizations have on communities, yet I’ve also seen the many challenges they face. Especially when it comes to technology, many of these organizations struggle with modernizing their systems and getting access to the unique solutions and digital tools which help them achieve their missions

Anvilor was born out of a desire to empower these organizations with advanced, customizable digital solutions that simplify operations, boost engagement, and increase fundraising capabilities. By providing innovative solutions tailored specifically for these community-focused and mission-driven organizations, Anvilor aims to empower these organizations to focus more on their core missions and less on the logistical hurdles that often impede their progress.

👋 Introducing Anvilor

Fueled by a mission to “empower people to grow their cause,” Anvilor emphasizes a versatile and user-focused low code approach to bring next generation digital solutions to communities & organizations with a platform comprised of:

  • Digital Fundraising Tools to run digital silent auctions, raffles, donation pages, and more. With a friendly donor tipping model, Anvilor is able to offer these fundraising opportunities for no upfront subscription costs.
  • Smart Forms to launch advanced and highly customized forms solutions for collecting data for event management, community engagement, surveys, and more. We bring a skilled professional services team to support these custom solutions without the typical costs of software development & engineering.
  • Workflow & Integration Capabilities to seamlessly fit into existing systems and enhance operations. Our platform supports solutions which accept online payments, trigger email communications, and sync data with external systems.

To learn a little more about what we do, check out the rest of the website at!

🚀 Let's Get Started

The inspiration for Anvilor comes from a personal belief that technology can be a powerful force for good, capable of amplifying the efforts of those dedicated to making the world a better place. If you’re looking to streamline your operations, amplify your impact, and grow your cause, we’d love to partner with you. Together, we can build powerful solutions that make a difference!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Anvilor. There is still a lot to learn, and an endless number of problems to solve - I look forward to this journey and the incredible work we will accomplish together!

-Tim Kutcher (Founder)

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